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Self-Care & Chill


When our lives are full of activity, noise, and hurry, sometimes a little TLC is required. Enter self-care, who cuddles you and tells you everything is alright. In order to have a healthy mind, body, and soul, think of your wellness activities as non-negotiable appointments you have with yourself.

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Success Through People

Modern Onboarding that retains Employees, Connects Teams and Promotes Creativity
Week before the 1st Day: 

* Send a Company Swag Bag to the New Hire’s Home

* Send a welcome email or video providing 1st Day expectations and agenda

* Assign a New Employee Mentor


Let Experience Be Your Guide

“Use the P.A.R. approach to answer behavioral style interview questions. The P.A.R. answer states a Problem you were given, describes the Action you took, and explains the Results of that action.”

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Wine & Wisdom

“How To Pivot Your Career”

Fully Engaged


As a member of the Social Committee at Deacon, we strive to think outside-the-box when it comes to keeping employees engaged, connected, and motivated!

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