When our lives are full of activity, noise, and hurry, sometimes a little TLC is required. Enter self-care, who cuddles you and tells you everything is alright. In order to have a healthy mind, body, and soul, think of your wellness activities as non-negotiable appointments you have with yourself.

“Ann’s Corrals 2020”

Ann Bohl Deacon
Founder & CEO


“This quarter, I had a FUN girls day with my daughter. We treated ourselves to a day of fun pics, yummy food and relaxation. It was an awesome way to laugh and re-charge.”

Lauren Costley
Divisional Director, Corporate Services Division


“My recharge was finally decorating my balcony!”

Abbey Napier
Front Desk & Social Media Coordinator


“Power washing our driveway and smelling some flowers in Fredericksburg!”

Dana Laramore
Senior Divisional Director, Accounting-Finance Division


“We took advantage of the great outdoors to “recharge”. We began biking and started riding our bikes around the beautiful Downtown area with family. We also took a trip to Wimberley, TX and visited the Blue Hole Regional Park.”

Paola Borroel
Talent Associate, Accounting-Finance Division


Amanda Johnson-Schroeder
Director, Corporate Services Division


Caitlin Farmer
Talent Associate, Accounting-Finance Division


“My husband Ty and I have been spending our free time recharging by getting outside and being active. We love to go kayaking any chance we get!”

Kaela Compton
Talent Associate, Corporate Services Division


“In my free time, I recharge by painting watercolors.”

Amy Lundgren
Office Administrator


“I play pickleball with my sister!”

Emily Coiner-Foster
Divisional Director, Training & Development Division


“If it requires a shirt, it ain’t downtime.”

Philip Darrah
Director, Medical Division


“I stumbled across Diamond Painting… paint by colors meets beading to create a vivant piece of artwork!  I’ve enjoyed using this project to be creative in a disciplined and defined way with a glass of wine.”

Holly Esquivel
Divisional Director, IT/Medical Division


“New bangs & fields of flowers at Berry Farms near Horseshoe Bay.”

Linda Marcus
Recruiter, Accounting-Finance Division


“I recharge by hanging out with my DOOD, Tito at the beach, river, and lake!”

Courtney Seely
Talent Associate, IT-Medical Division


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