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As a member of the Social Committee at Deacon, we strive to think outside-the-box when it comes to keeping employees engaged, connected, and motivated!  Just like most organizations, we have been faced with challenges this year.  Through these adversities, we have adopted an attitude of buckling down and working more efficiently in 2020.  We have also continued to place great importance on staying connected with our remote team, candidates, and client-companies.

Our Social Committee implemented a fun idea to inspire productivity and togetherness.  One idea was a company-wide incentive that encouraged (and more importantly rewarded) Team Members for exceptional performance above their normal job expectations.  It was a point-based contest and each week the winning team would be granted a half-day off on Fridays! The teams were randomly selected to include Deaconites from different Divisions in the company.  This gave everyone the opportunity to work with people outside their Division, and included our remote Team Members which helped them stay connected.  In keeping with Deacon’s Prime Pillars, another incentive included a community charity Give-Back, as well as, an incentive to stay healthy and balanced by utilizing our on-site gym, Vitality.

We also hosted Theme Days where everyone dressed up, and we incorporated a team building activity.  Every Tuesday at lunch, we have Deacon Yoga Hour helping to recharge and relieve stress.  Both of these employee engagement activities included essential employees in the office and those remote through video conference.

By incorporating new activities which encourage team participation, even through difficult times, we have remained connected, engaged and unified!


“Employee Engagement During Challenging Times”

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