Modern Onboarding that retains Employees, Connects Teams and Promotes Creativity

Organize the first day to be engaging with existing Team Members
Onboarding may be performed in person or virtual


Prior to the 1st Day:

Week before the 1st Day:  Send a Company Swag Bag to the New Hire’s Home
Send a welcome email or video providing 1st Day expectations and agenda
Assign a New Employee Mentor

1st Day:

  1. Kick off the 1st Day with a meeting of the CEO sharing the Company Story and their Personal Story.
  2. Followed by the Training Manager or Mentor facilitating an interactive activity; such as, ask each new hire to write down a memory/story, either work or personal, of a time they felt they were their “best self”. (15 mins).  When finished have the employees read their story and talk about how they felt (joy, accomplished, most alive, etc.).  This exercise will bond the new hire class and activate the desire to perform at a higher level.
  3. Next, have a company leader conduct a segment where each team member reads through their behavioral assessment (DISC, Strength Finders, Cultural Index, etc.) and pick a trait to talk about that best describes them and why.
  4. Lunch – Host a company-wide (department-wide) luncheon and have each team member share their company story (how and why they are at the company). The more team members that participate the more connection the new hire will have to the organization.  If virtual, have lunch delivered to the New Hire’s home office.
  5. Following the Luncheon: Complete the Human Resource paperwork, company history and organizational structure
  6. Conduct a Building/Facility Tour given by a team members, including introducing the New Hire’s workspace. Workspace should be set-up in advance with company branded swag.
  7. Wrap up – Stand Up Huddle: Led by Department Head or Leadership asking new hires what was the one thing they learned about a fellow new employee or one thing they learned about the organization.
  8. Conclude with the why the company is elated to have the new hires and their impact on the organization.

By incorporating some of these ideas, your new employee will feel less anxious, more empowered, and part of something bigger then themselves from Day 1!


“Modern Onboarding That Retains Employees, Connects Teams and Promotes Creativity”

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