“Fortunately, 25 years of strong leadership prepared us for the importance of calmly adapting to the New. I am grateful for all of Deacon’s Corporate, Contract and Locum employees who shifted with ease to the New. The majority of our Corporate Team transitioned seamlessly to the remote environment while a critical few supported our essential Medical and IT verticals. We are forever grateful to our loyal client companies and the professionalism of the Deacon Candidates for accepting and mastering the video conference interview format with perfection as if they had been doing it for years. These last weeks are a daily reminder to focus on what we can control, be true to the Deacon Prime Pillars and our everlasting commitment to changing lives.” – Ann Bohl Deacon, Founder & CEO

Was It Really Quarantine?

Find out what helpful activities and mood boosters Deaconites have been relying on to brighten their days while sheltering and practicing social distancing. And yes, that is a horse standing at the front door…

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The Contractor Solution

Contractors can have advanced skills that are needed to execute a time sensitive project, train the existing employees on an advanced skill, or simply be the interim solution resulting in cost efficiencies without adding head count.

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Get Motivated With Us

Check out Deacon’s latest career opportunities, professional tips, motivational posts, and monthly “Wine & Wisdom” segments.



Utilizing Personality Assessments

Personality tests have become very popular in hiring and employee development practices. They are mainly used to find employees whose personalities align with the workplace culture.

Why Use Assessments? >>

With 25 years of Executive Search and Staffing experience Deacon has built a legacy of identifying high performing Professionals for their Client Companies!



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