“I worked on a couple of projects in our new home! We painted our guest room bed, built a framed pegboard for my craft room, and added a patio set and string lights to our backyard.”

Paola Borroel

Talent Associate, Accounting-Finance Division





“We finally finished our backyard pool and landscaping project – no more mud!”

Dana Laramore CPC

Senior Divisional Director, Accounting-Finance Division







“We went on an Easter egg rock socially distanced scavenger hunt in our neighborhood. We also did some puzzling!”

Holly Esquivel CPC

Divisional Director, IT/Medical Division






“I planted a new garden! My husband and I recently purchased a new home, and we have been spending all of our free time working in our backyard. It has been a goal of mine to have a vegetable garden, so this seemed like the perfect time to get it started!”

Kaela Compton

Talent Associate, Corporate Services Division






“We raised this sweet pup during quarantine. We got her at 10 pounds and now she’s 45 pounds! 10/10 would boop.”

Caitlin Farmer

Talent Associate, Accounting & Finance Division






“During quarantine, we have taken advantage of time at home with multiple home projects.  One fun activity for our daughter has been getting chicks and building a coop. She has enjoyed naming her chicks, feeding and holding them! With expecting our second baby, we have been preparing rooms. We created a playroom for our daughter and know she will enjoy with her baby brother or sister soon!”

Ashley Morrow CPC

Director, Corporate Services Division




“I got two new golden-doodle shepard mix puppies! The pups are brother and sister, and definitely double the trouble. Our horse, Legion, has also decided that he wants to be an inside dog too.”

Abbey Napier

Front Desk and Social Media Coordinator






Deaconites keeping the mind and body healthy!









“Family time during lockdown was eventful by way of ZOOM! Surprisingly, we had some of the best conversations. Thanks to social media, we enjoyed “live” music from some great Texas musicians!”

Linda Marcus

Recruiter, Accounting-Finance Division






“I put a home gym together! I set up a laptop on the dining room table to follow 30 minute cardio workouts, and wrap up with strength training using weights and bands. Had to keep up the fitness during quarantine!”

Emily Coiner Foster CPC

Divisional Director, Training & Development






“I enjoyed lots of long walks with my family! This picture was taken in our neighborhood on one of our night walks. Our neighbors put together a very special light display of 40+ homes showing all of the day-to-day activities we are missing while sheltering at home.”

Lauren Costley CPC

Divisional Director, Corporate Services Division






“Our cat, Charlie, wanted to join in on the puzzling!”

Amy Lundgren

Office Administrator


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