The Value of hiring a Contractor…

Contractors can have advanced skills that are needed to execute a time sensitive project, train the existing employees on an advanced skill, or simply be the interim solution resulting in cost efficiencies without adding head count.  Some companies choose to hire Contractors on a trial basis allowing both the company and Contractor to be sure it is a good long term culture fit.  Starting as a Contractor is a great way for the company to evaluate the Contractor’s aptitude for the role and is cost efficient for the company resulting in a loyal long-term employee.


The Benefit of working as a Contractor…

Professionals may be aligned culturally with the company, but may not have the developed skills required for the role.  Whether you are a professional early in your career or a professional wanting to change career direction, starting as a Contractor is an exceptional alternative.  Whether you are staff level or C-Level, Deacon provides a sound solution through our Contractor business.

Deacon Professional Services: Contract or Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services.


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