Personality tests have become very popular in hiring and employee development practices.  They are mainly used to find employees whose personalities align with the workplace culture.


Why use them?

  1. Strengthening the Interview – A good personality assessment can help hiring managers to know which soft skills and behavioral style interview questions they should pay attention to during the interview.
  2. Gain a deeper insight into candidates: Candidates have a broad range of skills, abilities, and work styles.  These differences are not always apparent on a resume or during an interview, so personality assessments can give you another tool for understanding what the candidate has to offer and how they will fit into your work culture.


Although personality assessments have been a helpful tool to use in the hiring process, there are some cons to using them:

  1. They may screen out qualified candidates. For many jobs, there is not a mainstream personality that fits the job type.  Personality tests may exclude talented candidates who think outside the box.
  2. They may cause flawed results: Candidates may respond based on what they think the employer wants rather than on their true personalities; therefore, results aren’t always accurate.


Personality assessments are not the final answer.  Although they can help provide a deeper insight into candidates motives, values, and workstyles, they do not give the final verdict on which candidate is the right one for the job.  They are not prediction tools.  They should simply provide you with indicators for success.  They should be used only in conjunction with other screening techniques.


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