A Professional Tip Brought to You By: Abbey Napier, Senior Marketing Specialist & Front Office – Operations Division

You cannot win if you don’t participate. Provide your hiring managers with the resources and time they need to find and hire the top talent. The moment has come to accelerate. Some of our recommendations can be put to use.

Create an engaging story

Do you know exactly what your employer brand is? Your company’s reputation, unique benefits, and values are the focus of your employer brand. When an employee weighs competing opportunities, it can be a significant factor in their decision.

Think carefully about what it means to work for your company as you build a successful employer brand. Find out what attracted your present staff to you. Why do they remain, too? What do they tell their friends outside the company about you? You can use this information to communicate an engaging story to prospective candidates in job adverts, on social media, and during interviews by gathering it, perhaps through an employee survey.

The most crucial aspect of an employer brand is that it must be genuine rather than made up or aspirational. Once they join your company, you want your new hires to experience all you promised them because if they don’t, your brand’s trust will suffer.

Make your hiring procedures more efficient

“A” Candidates today are in high demand.  Assuring the interview process is efficient and not too long is critical and is a direct reflection on the organization’s internal efficiencies.

Reducing the time between applying and the 1st interview, and subsequent interviews; between being hired and being on-boarded, you’ll have a higher success rate. Below are a few efficiency strategies:

  • Make sure your job descriptions adequately reflect the qualifications required for the position to increase the likelihood of attracting candidates who meet your criteria and can be selected fast.
  • Assure all internal decisions have been completed in advance of starting the search. Approval/interview process and onboarding timeline is well-defined.
  • Communicate with all candidates and keep in touch with top talent whether they are a fit for the current role or not.

Think of the recruiting/hiring process as a marketing opportunity. Approach it with a talent-first strategy rather than meticulously attempting to match a candidate to a job description!

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