A Professional Tip Brought to You By: Holly Esquivel, Senior Divisional Director – Medical Division

What is the most valuable commodity out there?  Here is a couple of hints, most people feel like there is never enough of it.  It’s super costly, yet you can’t purchase it at any store.  I’m sure you guessed – time!   Will we someday be able to go back in time?  While “hours” pass and we wait to see what Science can produce in the way of time travel, there is a solution that you can utilize today to gain more time in your day.  This solution is Contract Temporary Staffing or sometimes referred to as an Interim Solution.

Have you ever calculated the value of your time?  Think about how much money you annually earn for yourself, your employer or the organizations you support.  If you work 40 hours per week, divide that number by 2,080.  Think about the last hour of your working day, was it worth “the value of your time”?

In today’s business climate, technology drives all things to move faster.  You likely have projects that you know need to be completed, but are left on the back burner due to a “time deficit”.  You may have team members on leave or special projects – leaving hours of work incomplete or requiring you to take on more.  Consider a Temporary Contractor to give YOU the gift of time!

Here are a few benefits of Temporary Contractors:

  • Subject Matter Experts “SME”– qualified individuals who have exited the full-time workforce that have years of expertise and knowledge. Often Temporary Contractors possess the ability to ramp up quickly with little training to complete projects quickly – it saves money in the long run!
  • Morale Booster – in times when your staff is pressed to take on more projects, bringing on a Temporary Contractor is a welcomed privilege! With trends in” burn out”, Contractors can assist with employees balance and re-engagement.
  • A Fresh Perspective – Temporary Contractors can bring energy, ideas and present new alternative approaches i.e. “new perspective”. An additional value in utilizing Contractors is the possibility of identifying a new “regular” employee.

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