The Best Connections Come From Being YOU.

A Professional Tip Brought to You by: Deacon Recruiting & Deacon Professional Services

Networking can be intimidating for some. It is still a critical part of professional development. Up to 85% of positions are filled by utilizing a professional network. Although the task of connecting with strangers is daunting, one of the most important ideas to remember is to be yourself!

People thrive on organic connections. We want to know that we really connected with someone-its fulfilling! The best way to make quality connections that will be beneficial is to be organic and real. Nobody wants to have a good conversation with someone that is clearly stiff and scripted. Be genuine and just talk to people, ask others about who they are and what they do. This will open the door for great conversation.

Don’t forget to take the time to follow up with those you connected with. Show them that you remember speaking with them and that you value your new connection! Everyone wants to be acknowledged, right?

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