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Diversification in the workforce is a hot topic right now. The current market is made up of numerous generations of workers from baby boomers, millennials to Gen Z. What is important to the current workforce may not surprise you, but it is in fact diversification! What are the pros for a business to have a diversified workforce?

There are many advantages, but one of the biggest advantages is to stay competitive in an evolving market. With the constant evolution of the market, it is important to have a competitive edge and mirror the market with the employees that make up the company. As we’ve all heard, a company is only as good as its’ employees – who are the individuals that currently make up the workforce of your company? Are the employees a reflection of the diverse marketplace?

The more diversification in your workplace, the more opportunities to create a solid work culture. Why is culture important? Candidates in today’s market, especially Gen Z, are not only looking for a job but also a place where they belong and have opportunity to develop and grow. A diverse workforce can contribute to building a culture that your employees will want to be a part of and stay to invest their career.

What sort of culture are you developing within your organization? Is it in need of a refresh? Try searching within a greater pool of diverse candidates. Diversification of employees will add more opportunity for collaboration and expansion of ideas, correct unforeseen problems, and build a solid work foundation.

The upcoming workforce is also valuing diversity. According to Scott Jaschik with Inside Higher ED, “A diverse student body was appealing to 42 percent of respondents (to a survey with more than 20,000 respondents), and an additional 37 percent said that it was a must-have in their college experience. Diversity among faculty and staff was appealing to 45 percent, and an additional 31 percent identified it as a must-have.”

The same trend can be seen when looking ahead at the next upcoming generation. To stay competitive, it is also important to create an organization with a top culture.  If you are not intentionally focusing on creating a culture with diverse individuals, your culture can be seen by top-talented individuals as irrelevant and will seek to invest their career with the competition.

One small step you can take in 2023 Q1 is to deliberately focus on hiring diversified talent within your company. Stay competitive and stay on top of your game – broaden your search and look for talent outside of your normal hiring channels. Engage with top talented headhunters who can bring all qualified candidates with diversified backgrounds. Headhunters have the advantage of dipping into a wide variety of candidate pools that may be outside your normal hiring scope.

Take your culture to the next level by diversifying your workplace, and give your company the competitive edge over your competition.

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