Written by Deaconite Holly Esquivel CPC

The last two years have been amazing and unlike any employment market that we have been a part of in the last 30 years. The demands to hire Radiation Oncology Professionals has drastically increased, resulting in a competitive environment for top talent.

Individuals entering the profession are benefiting from the supply and demand effect with higher salary offers than we have historically seen. Data shows Radiation Therapists are starting in their first professional positions earning approximately 20% higher salaries than pre-2020. The same is true for Medical Physicists, with starting salaries nearly 22% higher than pre-pandemic.

Given this data this is an opportune market to consider your career opportunities. For experienced professionals deciding to change roles, we have observed salary increases between 13-30% – and higher for leadership positions if the professional is open to national relocation.

Statistics say that money is not the motivating factor for an individual to leave their position. If you are considering making a career change based upon data you are hearing from the market, or are hiring for your team, below are a few tips:

  • Have open and ongoing dialogue with your Manager or employees about career goals and market trends
  • Evaluate if your organization has a defined career path and does it align with employees’ career trajectory
  • Seek advice from a trusted Mentor or industry expert to help navigate long-term career objectives

Whether making a job change yourself or adding to your team, reflect on your purpose. The “why” you entered this field in the first place. Compensation is one small piece of the bigger picture. Culture has been proven to be the biggest contributing factor to job satisfaction; even topping compensation. No matter what you’re paid, if you’re not happy in your work and where you are doing it, you may still find something is missing. Take the time to reflect on your “why” and factor that into any employment decision.

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