Leave each day feeling accomplished both personally & professionally!

Written by Senior Director, Dana Laramore CPC

1.  Focus on Minutes:  There’s are 1,440 minutes in every day.  Invest every one of them intentionally! 

2.  Set daily priorities: Identify your most important task AND work on it for 1.5+ hours each morning.

3.  Beat procrastination with time travel: Your future self can’t be trusted.  What can you do now to make sure your future self does the right thing?

4.  Don’t use to-do lists: Throw away that to-do list!  Instead, schedule everything on your calendar…personally and professionally.  Keep it simple!

5.  Make it home for dinner: There will always be more than can be done.  Time-block your priorities and end the day guilt-free.

6.  Use a notebook:  Capture everything in our notebook so your mind can stay carefree; move to-dos to the calendar daily so you can execute!

7. Avoid meetings at all costs: Don’t hold meetings that don’t have value. Keep meetings short and stand up.

8.  Check email only 3 times a day: Don’t let your email or social media interrupt your flow.  Schedule times to check and respond to emails on your calendar.  Are your notifications turned off?  Don’t allow your emails to derail you!

9.  Say “No” to almost everything: Say “yes” to anything that helps you or your team achieve their goals and say “no” to everything outside of that.

10.  Touch things only once: If something will take less than 10 minutes to compete, do it immediately. DO, DELEGATE, DELETE

11.  Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of outcomes come from only 20% of activities.  Identify the 20% and ignore the rest.

12.  Delegate: Identify your unique ability, utilize it and utilize your resources for everything else.

13.  Have work themes for days of the week: Create a set day of the week schedule to focus on major areas; batch your tasks during the day.

14.  Have a consistent morning ritual: Wake up early and give yourself TIME for mental, physical or spiritual health.  It’s all about consistency and BALANCE.

15. Focus on Energy: Maximize your energy to maximize your productivity.  Focus on sleep, diet, exercise and short breaks throughout the day.

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