Organization is Key!

A Professional Tip Brought to You By: Deacon Recruiting & Deacon Professional Services

The best way to ensure you stay on-task during your workday… prepare for it! Check your calendar and look at your tasks for the next day. Spoiler alert: if you’re not using a calendar… start now! Determine which appointments are absolutely necessary, check for any conflicts, and schedule time to complete your tasks. Prioritize which tasks are more urgent to complete and block off time on your calendar to complete them. If you do not schedule time to do something, it is not likely to get done!

The last few minutes of your day should be spent preparing for the next day. Gather any documents that you need for upcoming appointments, analyze your calendar, and tidy up your work space (digital space included!) Knowing what you have planned for the day, leaving your space tidy, and having your schedule put together will set yourself up for a productive day and give you peace of mind!

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