Does office music contribute to a Professional’s productivity or become a distraction…?

Office music can impact productivity in a sales environment by influencing mood, focus and motivation.  Upbeat and energetic music might boost morale and productivity, while overly loud or distracting music could hinder concentration.

Be aware of factors such as tempo, rhythm, and genre and how they might align with different tasks in the sales process.  Also consider potential drawbacks of music such as distractions or conflicts from differing musical preferences.

That being said, there are music etiquette guidelines that should be considered when playing music in an open floor plan workspace. Consider how the music reflects your office culture and what it communicates to visitors and co-workers. Adjust the volume levels to ensure that the music is audible but not overwhelming. Background music should not interrupt team discussions or phone conversations. Have you ever received a marketing call and the background music was so loud the individual had to yell her sales pitch to you?

Think about changing the pace based on the time of day. Ease your team into their workday. Lastly, provide choices and ask for feedback!

Ultimately, if you’re looking to use music to boost your productivity, it’s a good idea to experiment and find what works best for you. Pay attention to how different types of music affect your concentration, mood, and overall work experience, and tailor your music choices accordingly. So, give it a shot, see what clicks for you, and rock on!

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