Professional Certifications have made their way into almost every industry for one main reason: it helps advance the Professional.

Benefits of Professional Certifications
A Professional Tip Bought to You By: Deacon Recruiting’s Medical Recruiter, Courtney Seely.

Certifications help set you apart from other applicants by proving that you possess valuable skills beyond what might be listed in a job posting. They help add credibility to the experience you have, but most importantly it allows you to work on new trends that are evolving within your industry.

It’s important for people who are early on in their career to have extra certifications to help make up for the lack of experience you might possess. When a person achieves a Professional Certification, it shows employers that you have an innate curiosity to learn and develop professionally. Moreover, it shows them that you are passionate about what you do.

In a recent survey of over 400,000 people, 76 reported that they either gained a salary increase or a promotion due to the certification they obtained.
Certifications = quick, easy & affordable. It’s a small investment for a big return. So why would you not take advantage?

Pro Tip of the day:
If you’ve recently been furloughed or affected by a layoff, this is a great time to freshen up on your skillset. You are giving yourself a jump start back into the workforce by obtaining some certifications to prove to employers that you’re ready!

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