Whether you’re a new or existing user, it’s essential to have a dynamic LinkedIn profile, starting with a professional picture. Avoid selfies, casual group photos, party photos, and basically anything that isn’t a professional headshot because LinkedIn is a professional platform at the end of the day.

Secondly, you must keep your LinkedIn account relevant. Simply put, if you change jobs, update your account. Your profile should mirror your resume, showing the next iteration, the next change, the next evolution of your career. That also includes the adjectives you use to describe yourself, plus any changes to your contact information.

Thirdly, utilizing LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements is hugely beneficial. It provides an opportunity for your contacts, preferably those in supervisory roles, to write out two or three sentences recommending you and the work you’ve done. Think of it as an instant letter of recommendation.

So how do you make connections on LinkedIn, and who should you connect with? Be strategic. For example, connect with people within your industry or with the same skill set. Also, don’t forget the benefit of joining LinkedIn Groups. You can access a whole section of people to get career advice from and network with.

In summary, take the time to build your LinkedIn profile. Be succinct, creative, and put thought behind developing an eye-catching profile. After all, the whole idea is for you to connect and garner a conversation.

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