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A Professional Tip Brought to You By: Deacon Recruiting & Deacon Professional Services

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when writing your resume is to write only your job description. As an Executive Search Firm, we are always on the hunt for A-Players. If you do not list any achievements on your resume, there is nothing to differentiate you from any other Average Joe with the same job title. Potential employers want to know what you did to excel in your position.

Be able to provide explicit examples as to how you had an effect on the bottom line. All employees do – what was yours? Did you implement new efficiency procedures? Cost saving measures? Increased customer engagement with the brand? Explain what you did and why it benefited the organization.

Have a section where you can describe your awards and recognition. Did you receive peer appreciation? Performance awards? These achievements speak to who you are as an employee and highlight your work ethic without explicitly saying “I am a hard worker.” Organizations want to hire people that have drive and can perform well. Find what drives you and focus on that!

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